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Who Are We?

The owners of Smash and Skirmish are Timmy and Angelica Cline. They are a local couple that has grown up in Southern WV. Timmy is a teacher at the local vocational school; he loves the airsoft field in the building. Angelica is a stay-at-home mom; her favorite part of the space is the event room. They recognized growing up, there weren't many fun activities for people to enjoy. From that experience, they developed a passion to bring new activities for locals to enjoy and bring new life to our area. They created Smash and Skirmish out of that passion.

Our Facility

Our building was once an indoor car showing space. When the roof caved in, the building was left vacant for many years. After the building's roof and second floor had been reconstructed by a local nonprofit, Timmy and Angelica fell in love with the building and knew they wanted to bring something fun to the area. They purchased the twelve thousand square feet building and began their journey to build Smash and Skirmish. The building currently houses three rooms to participate in the rage rooms or paint splatter and over three thousand square feet to host the airsoft, combat archery, and nerf battles.

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